Digital Marketing Internship Program

– Batch 2 Launch Webinar starts on Feb 5th 2020 –
– All the details and the Program price will be revealed in this Webinar –
– The price will be much lower than the other trainings available online now –
– No price to join the Launch Webinar –

My Experience

Here's my personal experience about this Internship Program.


I am a Content Manager and have 9 years of experience in corporate world. In mid 2019, I saw an advertising on social media with the title “Free Digital Marketing Training“. On registering for the training, I got credentials to access the free basic course. I went through the 1st chapter and closed the training portal. Later, I got busy with the projects in my office and never continued with that basic Digital Marketing training. I think since it was free I was not bothered even if I do not complete reading all the chapters.

Not continuing further with the course was my biggest mistake for which I still curse myself. Because if I would had gone through the entire course, I would have gained knowledge about Digital Marketing concepts and might have been at a different stage of work life compared to what I am currently at.

Late but not the least

In December 2019, when I heard about the Digital Marketing Internship program; I wasted no time and quickly registered for the Launch Webinar. The Launch Webinar is free to register and all the details about the program is explained in it.

It was my best decision to join the 12 weeks Internship program. We have completed 6 classes and 5 assignments. Our mentor Deepak Kanakaraju is very great and explain us in detail about every concepts in Digital marketing. His mentorship is of a very different level. You are really involved in learning and implementing the concepts and don’t want to miss any of his online classes. 

Since I invested money for joining this program, I think I have a positive pressure on me to attend the classes and complete the assignments.

Earn while you learn

This Internship program is unique in itself as you get paid for each assignment you complete & submit successfully. We have total 10 assignments and can earn 15000 if we complete all 10 of them.

As of now I have received a total of 3700/- into my bank account gor completing the assignments.

Full Transformation

Unlike other online courses that provides you recorded videos and readable online material, this program helps you to gain knowledge of Digital Marketing concepts with the help of live examples and live assignments.  

I am experiencing transformation since Day 1 of this program. I am able to implement the Digital Marketing concepts very easily. Ideas are arriving in my mind that I should start a Digital Marketing agency or work as a freelancer.

Key Intakes

What you can take from this Internship Program?

Practical Knowledge

  • Concepts are taught with live examples
  • Implement concepts on your website
  • Share your learning with others

Earn while you learn

  • 7 days time to complete assignment
  • Submit assignment successfully
  • Get paid for each assignment

Job Oppurtunities

  • Get placed in Digital Marketing org
  • Chance to work on live projects
  • Chance to work at Pixel Track

Intern Reviews

Here's what my co-interns have to say about this Internship Program.

Digital Marketing Internship Program