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Hello Friends,

I am your friend Creative Jaggy and I am a Website Designer and Digital Marketer. I started my carreer as a Web support analyst and climed the levels in an organization to become a Website Manager.

Web is the place where people land to search for something, to buy something, to get reviews, to sell their products. Apart from desktops, mobile Devices play a major key role to get access to the web.

People visit a website and stays on it for a few minutes and either like the content or ignore it.

What makes someone to get attracted to the services or products is the Digital king which is called as Content.

The products will be sold more using digital medium through Social sites, websites etc.

With multiple competitors in the market a need will be how to sell a product more as compared to the competitors product.

Also the mobile device that you always have in your pocket will become a key, daily requirement to buy, sell and market anything in future.

Need for digital marketing agencies and digital marketers is going to increase day by day.

But all these will require a good content in terms of images, text, banners, polls etc.

I primarily write blog posts on different topics.

I read tons of blog posts and daily have an habit to write atleast 500 – 600 words.

Writing for an online audience is different than writing a term paper for your college professor.

You need to know how to captivate a reader with your headline and introduction. You also need to back up your claims and facts with reputable sources.

And you need to include subheadings, bullet lists or numbered lists and above all, provide actionable tips.

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Content is of below types.

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Infographics
  • Online Polls or Surveys
  • Short Animations or GIFs
  • Slide Shows
  • E-Books

I have 6+ years of experience in creating content for websites and marketing your website digitally.

It’s very important to market your website in a best way so that your investment is utilized when people visit your site by liking your content, by buying the products and by referring your site to other friends.

I always keep myself up to date with the latest techniques for designing a website and digital mastery tools.

Initially, during the phase of establishing myself in this job, I undertook work through various sources, like friends, class mates, teachers.

As a person, I am a keen learner, fast implementer and this play a pivotal role for me to build contacts with my clients/colleagues and sustain them for the long-term collaboration.

In today’s world, organizations are more drifting toward freelance web developer/designer, rather than hiring employee(s) at work, just for the purpose of cost savings.

I have served over 56 clients worlwide both small firms and big organizations.

My team consists of a Web Designer, Digital marketer, Social media expert and a Graphics designer.

We all work together to provide the best to our clients.

You can contact me through­­—Facebook, Twitter or the contact form on this website.

So, no more waiting! Get in touch with me and give all your ideas, requirements and I will transform them into a good design and attaractive, saleable using Digital tools.

Have a great day!!!


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